Step by step how I grew in 2022 with a new YouTube channel?

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OK, so let me talk about my journey with article because I and I said it in the article

And I tried it.

I did exactly what I said in the article, you just wash and it absolutely my worked really, really


So I launched the channel and I had to go daily every single day.

And after a month, I was monetized.

I had enough subscribers that came a lot quicker and then to watch how it came monetized.

I make your money.

Within one month, I had a YouTube business channel making money.

It worked because I did my research.

how I grew in 2022 with a new YouTube channel

I knew about titles, Domino’s, anything that you expect to know about tags.

I knew about what topics to make about how to market myself in this presentation kind of way.

Did all that, and within one month, because I was daily, had enough content.

So when someone watched one video that multiple more they suggested or they went to see the video every single day, they went really long.

Six eight minutes, maybe had a video every single day.

It really, really worked.

So I still stand by that.

You have to do that because also what I realize is that YouTube needs to figure out exactly who you are.

What I mean by that is YouTube.

Figure out who you are.

They need to.

They don’t know who’s watching your videos.

At first, they see who watched the videos and they see the similarities between all these people and

other videos they’re watching.

And they can work out what your channel is about, what you’re meeting about and who else.

Then who else?

They can show and put impressions of your videos in front of other people and trying to work out who you are.

You channels about where your videos are about.

I know you tagged in everything else, but you could target anything.

I could target video by a cat, and it’s not about cattle.

So what they’re trying to work out is by people watching it.

What else those people watch about and the similarities and everyone is watching who you are, who they should show to.

So a video every single day gives it enough content for enough viewers and enough adult those viewers to watch more content to get more hours and then you get monetized.

Very important from there when a little bit lazy and I start doing every three days today.

And it was too soon for me to stop that wrong.

What I saw was I earn in that first monetized month, maybe 600 bucks or something wasn’t a lot, but

in have a lot of content and there wasn’t long in minute.

Ben is my first ever month, then I saw it went down a bit like this in August or something because

I didn’t do too much.

September and October I went daily and what I saw was in September, my money went up to like 1800 bucks in the first month of October, and it’s like two and a half thousand bucks.

That’s from a brand new channel only several months old.

How much able to make because I did content every single day, September and October did every single day.

No long videos, eight minutes.

Pretty much a conversation.

You are going to watch this video for about eight minutes.

It’s not a long video to make.

Obviously, going to do loads of cutting and all this type of stuff that I said about how to brand it and things, but it’s not a huge ask to do it.

Don’t think of it as I have to make six a.m. video call every single day to think about.

I’m having a six minute conversation and I can do that.

You can have some videos that maybe edited better than others and you’re more proud of, but get something up every single day.

And I did that, so I did.

The first month had a bit of a break.

That was probably a mistake.

Or maybe it helped because YouTube.

So let me go less and then rewarded me for coming more when little bit less than for two months.

I went every single day and I saw my money come up to two thousand five hundred and we see exactly what it was.

OK, so it was September was one thousand six hundred twenty one dollars.

This is ad revenue, but of course, I made everything about memberships and things and of course,

things on the channel then hundred in October, and then I did some really interesting things.

So in November, I made only something like 12 videos as opposed to 31 there in October, but I pretty much matched.

There’s only a $100 difference in it.

I managed to match the amount I was making on November, as I was in October.

And how did I do?

This is because when you first start, when you first start, you want to do loads and is content,

get loads of people, get subscribers and then they’re going to watch your stuff.

So I had shorter videos than we spoke about on the second video in this little new update section.

We spoke about YouTube wanting to only give impressions to share content and know you can make more money from on a six minute video if someone’s still watching 50 percent two minutes 20 one one that that video was not worth a lot of money to YouTube.

What I started doing was editing better the quicker, faster stuff for the first couple of minutes and I was making 20 minute plus videos.

Now, if people were still not watching 50 percent and we were watching 40 percent, they still watch in eight minutes, four minutes, that’s longer than my whole other video before.

Now YouTube knows they can serve them three or four adverts, and it’s worth so much more to them and they start sharing it more.

More people get in front of it.

Subscribers grew and everything else.

That’s the pattern I see at least one month daily.

I feel like if you want to, you’ll be exhausted.

All the best month.

Get yourself together, understand mobile.

You’re making niche and everything else.

Now the two four months of daily, maybe it’s like July, the end of the second month, but pretty much six seven weeks daily all the time.

Then I went every two or three days with a longer video of 20 minutes plus.

That’s what I did.

That’s exactly how I’m still earning the same amount of money.

And if I want to open up those, I can do slightly more videos.

I’m only doing videos every three days in November.

I do every other day or or it’s not even always, every two days.

I could make even more money, and it’s going to increase because people are watching those videos and then watching my other long videos because of it, the more long videos have my channel, the more they’re making, so that money’s going to go up.

That’s exactly what I did.

There’s this pattern at first.

Short videos, lots of them, then less videos, but they’re longer in length.

That’s what you need to do is exactly what I did.

It’s not.

I’m saying this based on some data I’ve got about YouTube.

Like the other guys, you make channels about YouTube and they’ve theorize, and all they have is channels about YouTube.

I made a vlog blog in my life channel showing food and things like this.

Not about YouTube.

And that’s exactly exactly how I grew it.

Please follow this pattern like comment below.

Let me know what you think.

How many should be?

This is exactly what I did.

It’s the first month, a little bit of a break for a month where they blitzed about seven weeks or so.

They started doing less videos and longer form.

Can you do that?

No, no.

No comments on this.

What you think and any questions you have about it?

That was that was about the length of video that was kind of important when something I never got back to the business of YouTube, I never even really thought about and lots of people don’t.

How much of video is worth to YouTube?

We concentrate on who’s going to click it and watch it and how much?

How much even potential if a million people.

So my three minute video the 100 percent, the study, 1.4 going on there.

So if that was only a quarter of that, but I watched in 10 minutes the same for adverts, it’s worth more.


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