Is TOPIC still king in 2022? What goes viral and why now?

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OK, we’ll come back so spoke about this before and everything, so many things that dictate where a Video is going to be good isn’t how we’ve spoken about having the title.

And even in this update, the title that I think this perfect, small, catchy, neat, neat is the main thing here.

And the thumbnail of this on three points only and color in a certain way.

An extremely simple now in 20 22 and the video style is going to be so limp you only get longer and then you can edit and have the transitions everything a lot faster, especially in the beginning of the video.

But one thing that is key on everything is topic is still king ish.

Topic is still king.


Story is king.

What it is you’re making about is still king, Mr Beast does.

I’m going to give away a million bucks stand in this circle.

This, like a neat concept topic, is king.

Still, if he did a video like I when it struck the cat and people didn’t like cats, they’re not watching.

They don’t care about it.

Is TOPIC still king in 2022

It’s just not a thing they care about.

Topic is everything.

So when you make it about a topic, you can’t dress up holding a lens for a day like some videos ways

like clingfilm himself, about 24 hours said like Pretty Pie’s name over and over only lens is the challenge for 24 hours, but it’s not very exciting.

It’s not that topic.

If I had to hold, I don’t know what a call.

Something ridiculous, something trending, but just been it for 24 hours.

He did that because it was trending.

That is the topic that is king.

Then you put all the other elements title thumbnail, the retention time, the the editing speed with

Elvis stuff, but you cannot avoid that topic is king.

Now it’s nice king’s it used to be.

I think when I watch other other bloggers that have done stuff and the topics have to be like trends

in and 2019.

I think YouTube still favors the limit for videos and then titles and something I was going to help you now.

We’ve got really good at this, but it is still the number one priority.

So whatever you’re doing, whenever you’re making videos about topic is king.

Now I’ve seen people do things like eat in the spices, knew it was possible, which happened a lot

and I’ve seen it do a lot.

My and my makeup, there was a huge one, right?

And that is always good.

But now it’s been seen and done.

That topic is still good.

Dress in another way.

The hottest food you’ve never seen before.

He did this to my makeup that you know you’ve never seen that before.

You’ve never seen eye makeup like you’ve never seen a boy do makeup the good.

You know it would be bad, but it’s shocking that like you’d be shocked, dress it and package it different.

It’s still a good topic.

Dress it different and then use those from now.

As like we said before, the topic is still king, guys.

Topic is still king.


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