What about your video style in YouTube 2022?

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OK, welcome to the next article in the section we have spoke already about where your channel should be about and then your channel branding, you have those down.

You really need to spend some time getting those test perfect and now you’re ready to move on.

OK, let’s talk about your video.

Should look like they just say, you know, there is no shortcut around this.

You are going to have to watch some video videos.

That’s OK, because I assume if you want to make a YouTube channel, you’ve already been watching lots of YouTube content, especially around the kind of content you want to make.

And you already know who your competitors in your field are.

There is no shortcut here.

You are going to have to watch a lot of YouTube videos from your competitors.

You see this here, this stuff here.

These are all shots that I took from videos that I liked from my competitors or people making similar

channels to me.

There’s loads.

All these down here, all up here or up here, I just have folders full of shots that I like you to

screenshot, videos that I like to make down, notes of stars and things that I loved.

What about your video style in YouTube 2022?

And we’re going to go through this.

Lucky for you, you don’t have to do all this research, if you will, because I have you a cheat sheet

so the chances you can download these, print them out and you can have a nice stack of these cheat

sheets where you’ve got your channel down to perfection at the end of it. You don’t have to do all this crazy research like I had to.

I’ve done it for you.

You follow my plan.

OK, so on the point number one and the first thing you need to be thinking about, what do my competitors videos like go and watch them and answered fast and slow their cutaways that have animation, really stock footage, are they calibrated?

And we talk about that in the moment.

And are they in one location?

Are they sat like this at a desk talking?

Are there multiple locations?

Are they a mix of the two?

What do the videos in your niche and your station look like?

Go and have a look.

Really think about it and write down some notes on these sheets.

You really understand what they look like, what you like.

OK, so you already know your channel theme kind of looks like from the last section.

Is it more likely?

Is it more formal?

It is.

They are talking to camera.

I’ll be crazy.

We’re making jokes.

I’ll be pranking.

You know, your team is so now I need to think about the videos fitting that theme.

They cut quick.

They cut slow.

Are they sat there slowly thinking about the thought, really talking about something in depth.

Are they quick news, snap, snap, snap together.

Really think about what it should look like for your theme.

Has to be your branding, your style of video in the way cut the way it looks has to fit your branding.

You spent a long time in the last sections getting a branding just right.

The video star also needs to fit that.

OK, the next section is something a lot of people don’t talk about.

What is my grade and what is my color modelling?

Show you and hear some different grades and colors.

Now, if I colored, it’s a little bit like this kind of yellow n has that sepia tone.

What does it make you think of if I did have red or maybe if I change that to slightly more blues,

if I made it very bright or something.

What does it make you think or what does it make you feel you can have a look at what other people are doing in your area.

A lot of people just put it out there and just leave it as a is actually really important.

Think about movies like The Godfather I’ve mentioned before, that yellow, that CPR.

That’s that’s the kind of look that’s the color it has.

Maybe when a brilliant and bright I kind of like this kind of like a brilliant move, slightly blue

tent on it.

What is your color?

And it’s something you can quite easily do in the edit.

When people see your channel, maybe they’ll recognize it from this.

That’s what I want.

I want your child to be recognizable in skin.

We spoke about your font in the previous one, and you probably have this down one or two because you need this for your titles.

Think about your titles here and you look your competitors.

And I look at someone I really admire, like Casey Neistat or Dan Mace.

And then they have titles come up all the time.

They come up on screen like that, they come up all the time and they have the news like a thick fog

like I was using.

Or maybe one of the phones you found on the site I told you about.

I think about that and think about if you want titles.

And I’m talking like this in my videos to make it less boring and less instructional.

I had titles often come up on screen, just punch on the screen as I was talking to, make it slightly

more watchable.

Now you’ve looked a lot of your competitors I to what you do is think about what you want to take away with.

I’m going to show you here many on the phone and showing that this this is the kind of thing I want

to see you doing.

This is a video from Cassini’s that.

And I wanted to do something similar.

He did a Vietnam notebook style where he wrote inside a notebook and then he had titles come on screen.

I showed you this just now and then him talking over.

That’s what he did.

It looked amazing.

It’s exactly what I want to do.

I want to use a book when I drop it.

I wanted to use text on screen like that, and I wanted to have it cut away to me talking into a microphone as well.

I put all these things together and the things I wanted to keep and bring into my channel, not copy,

not exactly.

Only to make it my own.

You really need to look at people doing really good things and your needs to get inspired and use it

on your own videos to take some time away and have a look at that.

And I want you to have like screenshots in your photos on your phone when you’re looking to really,

really take some time to have a look at this.

OK, next, make it a storyboard.

Doesn’t have to be an actual storyboard like we did at school, but it can be no taken.

When there’s your perfect video like this, there’s a seven minute video.

Break it down.

Has an intro.

Looks like there’s a cutaway.

Where am I?

Am I walking around holding my phone log?

Am I’m having a camera.

What am I doing?

How does it look?

Just do an example one just so you’ve got it down so that when you come to actually make things, you’re not thinking, what did I want?

Was it looking like you’ve already done this in your mind’s eye already?

Write down exactly what you think a little perfect video of yours will look like.

I think about there’s a recurring theme or symbol or something in your video.

So I talked about Casey when you had the notebook, and I wanted that to be a theme in my videos.

I always come back to this notebook and it recurs in all of my videos.

Maybe that’s something you want.

Maybe there’s a section in your videos like Casey cuts away and does opening mail or whatever it is.

Maybe there’s a section in your videos where you come to this little kind of cutaway area where where you talk about something, whatever it is, have something in your video that makes it yours and you that people know that’s you.

That’s what they’re expecting.

And they can relate to each video because you do it and all of you being a fan base here and they want to consistently give it to them.

Or maybe it’s an opening.

Maybe one of my favorite bloggers, you say hello, people, as he opened up in every single video until

it became on T-shirts.

So people started saying it to him in the street.

Think about it then.

What makes your videos different?

What are you bringing to the table?

Is it something as shocking as something extreme?

What is it something that people are going to go, wow, I want to share something I want to talk about when they sit with their friends somewhere, they want to actually thumbs up, comment on like share on social media.

What is your style?

Maybe something you do, maybe something really cool, maybe some effects, whatever it is, think about it.

Think about why would somebody watch this video?

That’s the one thing you want to do.

Why would they share it, talk about it, love it.

You know, really think about it.

Take some time to think about that, have something, have a thing, whatever that is.

OK, that was your video style kind of cheeky and video.

And we wanted to think about each one of those steps.

This the planning stage is probably the most important section maybe of this whole course, because

if you don’t get this right, everything else goes wrong.

You have to come back and you have to change things and you start losing it.


It’s really, really important to get this done.

So take some time to think about your video store and I mean, move on to the next one, which is your shoot schedule.

But have a look in the shade, do your homework and I will see you on the next one.


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