What is Filming advice in YouTube?

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OK, so what I wanted to do was give you a little bit of firming advice now.

This can’t be too specific because I don’t know yet.

Hopefully you contact me on social media.

That’ll be great.

But I don’t know yet what videos will make it.

So it’s really hard to give advice as to exactly what you should be doing.

Like we said, research is the key thing.

If you’ve seen competitors, people similar in your knees that you want to film and you want to do that similar Southern style.

And, you know, for example, I’m going to be using my phone, but I’m really doing cell phone.

I’m going to be setting up two camera pieces like this.

That means you can really get a head start on planning, planning and planning for these shoots is the

most important thing you can do.

It’s all in the planning how I’m going to do it, then execute based on your plan.

And it’s all going to go together really, really well to have a clear vision and a look now.

This may change over time.

What is Filming advice in YouTube

When I first started filming, our film is going to be more vlogger.

There’s going to be doing stuff.

And then certainly when I was doing it, I realized that it’s really hard for me to vlog where I was

and what I was doing and had a story mainly because in practice and often it’s something I get to in

a minute.

So I just film the footage on my phone predominantly.

And then when I got back, I say in front of a green screen and I told a story based on the stuff I

was filming and even alluded to both.

We had that kind of Geordie Shore, Jersey Shore, whichever country.

If I kind of look, we sat on a green screen telling a story going in and Alphatech that’s what I did.

And that was kind of my style.

In the end, I didn’t plan on that.

It kind of turned into that whilst I was filming.

And why are you’re doing things?

You’re going to realize some things work better than others, and you’re going to you’re going to change it slightly.

Well, I wouldn’t call it changing because you planned like crazy is an evolution and evolution of your

filming style.

And that’s absolutely fine.

That will happen.

And it happens to every single person creating in any industry, especially in YouTube.

So, like I say, the planning is the key thing.

Before you go, oh, I’m going to go and start this blog and I’m going to start on the other know the

first of April.

And then I watch shows like Don’t just begin, okay.

I’m going to film on a day.

You know, for example, you’re doing stuff in advance.

That’s fine.

But do stuff in advance of your advance.

I went so I was going to Asia and I was going to film some travel blogs.

What I did was I went into London and drove down.

I did a travel journal like I did a vlog like I would talking about like my top five areas in London

and why.

And I went around and I saw the camera film stuff.

I started realizing even the small things, how to hold a camera, how to talk, when to cut, when

to not cut angles, where to put things down, how to find things out and not get weirded out.

When people are looking at you, there’s loads and loads of things you get things you don’t even realize.

They go and make at least one video and fully come back and edit when you’re editing it and you say, you know what you missed and we did wrong.

When you go in film, you can get that right.

Be sound a bit technical, bear whatever, go and film at least one.

I suggest doing a couple and then if they’re good you can use them as in your footage, if it’s similar

content to where you would be doing, go and use these as practice ones.

Lots of people stay on YouTube channels I’ve read have said make five videos and never ever show them.

Never let them see the light of day if I practice ones.

That’s exactly.

I mean, you take revision and practice exams before you do it to examine you don’t just go and take

a driving test straight away.


You practice for this stuff, do the same with YouTube, then things you can do to make the whole filming process and the whole process of getting a video out a little bit easier for yourself.

In the edit, you’re going to do things like poke like you see the bars that come up.

They say, Dan Daniel, YouTube Academy is the same for every single one and I’m copying out from one.

Add it to the other.

You can have the same with your social media buyers.

Come up the subscriber line and you’ve got a previous ad open.

Just copy and paste that onto the new one.

You’d have to redo all that every single time.

Obviously there’s the same thing with sounds.

I went on to YouTube and I got I sound like a ding sound, thud, sound, swoosh, sound and stuff like

this that you can do and you can grab and store it and it’s always there and you know, you have it

and you just using the same thing over and over, that kind of stuff.

Also, if you’re doing a similar kind of titles like A Big Problem on screen of a title, on one video

you put on Tenex or you got to do is click on it and change the text.

And it’s done stuff like when I talk about leave your comments below, I go into the screen, I do a

screen record.

Hey, you leave your comments below and I show you where to leave the comments as the same on every single video.

Your intros are the same.

There’s a lot you can do, all the elements of the same.

You just change in the content is behind that video.

Make sure you prepare and have all that stuff ready.

And of course, I’ve talked about it before.

You can have a subscription hopefully to some stock footage if it’s suitable, and also stock music,

some music that is the one I use for music, which I can’t fully recommend enough, and also video blogs, which we gave for especially at night, drone footage, general stuff about cities, that kind of stuff that you probably going to want to use.

You have those you’ve just saved yourself a whole lot of time and give up the production quality of

your videos.

I think that’s pretty much the media.

Maybe I can say here as practice go and practice, you’re going to learn from your mistakes, what your competitors do, the things I said that I saved some time and go and practice.

That’s the biggest piece of film advice that I could give.

But actually filming this, if you want some specific advice and you want to have an actual chat with

me and get me on social media, talk to me and we can we can sort that out.

OK, that’s it.

That’s the film Viceregal.


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