What should be Your Branding in youtube 2022?

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OK, channel branding, hopefully by now you have an idea of exactly what your channel is. That’s really, really strong, solid foundation, knowing exactly what your channel is about, therefore, who’s going to like it and kind of what it should look like.

Now, any branding, the branding fits.


I spent a lot of time work on the mystery of mine.

Now, what I mean by branding, I mean colors, fonts, every color, every font, every image has a connotation there.

What I mean by that is if you think about the connotations of the color blue, it might be cold, icy, harsh.

Think about a color red that connotes heat, love, passion.

We have connotations with everything in life and we can’t help him.

for example,

Now this phone.

To me, it connotes computer games, futuristic, maybe even like an 80s kind of thing.

Let’s take a look at this one.

I use one just like this, and it’s relaxed.

It’s more informal.

It’s playful.

That connotes a whole different thing. If you try to use this font with something serious, like let’s look at a brand like Chanel National

is a high end brand as a much more formal font to it, and it feels high end and classy. Now, if I was making a relaxed travel channel, I could do talking about budget saving money.

I’m relaxed, I’m young, going around the world.

And I used a font that was like Chanel, harsh, more formal.

It just wouldn’t fit.

What should be Your Branding in youtube 2022

You wouldn’t get the right message.

Right now you have to think about this with your channel.

And we have to do is research research your competitors.

And that’s exactly what I did. Let me see all this stuff here, all this stuff here and down here.

They were my competitors.

Now, when I say competitors, I don’t mean I’m competing against them.

But you are competing for videos in the same space and for suggestions.

So if I’m making, for example, a travel channel about Thailand, then I’m going to look at other travel

bloggers that are in Thailand or that have been I’m look at what they’re doing with their brand.

Now, this is where you can really, really get an edge, because a lot of people don’t spend a lot

of time thinking about this.

Your branding is so, so important.

Go and look.

Your competitors steal what they do and get an idea.

Look at least five to ten other people in the same space as you see with the brand.

They look like don’t copy them, see what their brand looks like.

Some have got it right.

Some got it wrong.

And just get an idea.

People that have a whole well rounded 360 branding around the channel and those that don’t.

Now there’s a cheat sheet for this section here.

You can go and download that.

And it’s called your channel branding.

Now, there are questions on here.

I want you to ask yourself and answer, and I’m going to go through that and I want you to fill it out,

you know, print it, fill it out, or just have them in your mind.

If you print these out, of course, at the end of it, you can have a huge stack of paperwork.

There’s going to be exactly your channel in a booklet.

And it’s going to be amazing for you guys to have this.

So the first question is just what I said. What are your competitors branding look like?

Now, I you to look at the fonts, color imagery and what really makes them recognizable when you look at, for example, a case in this that video and I look at that, I instantly know it’s him.

I know it from the imagery.

I know from the style.

I know from lots of things.

Or Damn, I’ve mentioned Damisch before when I see some of these animations and I understand it’s him,

I see it straight away.

Now what if a town theme.

So I mentioned this briefly.

This is my number two point.

What visual channel theme.

If you’re doing a fine make up channel, that’s your brand.

That’s it there. Maybe you want a fund that really fits in there, maybe on times New Roman and you want that kind of

Chanel Halfon, maybe a more modern one, like a Helvetica Neuve, something skinny, something sleek, maybe a game.

And you want that 1980s gaming phone just kind of in this number two point in the box here, this kind of whether you are formal, whether you’re relaxed, whether you’re young or old, or whether you’re high end, low end, exactly what you are, work out exactly what that looks.

Now, next, I want you to quickly just think about before going to font, which is quite important when you think about color.

Now, for example, only do this review.

Look at my channel here.

Look at the YouTube Academy, my college, yellow and black, but mainly yellow.

I want to think about the colors of your channel now, why they choose yellow.

I know from research and we talk about this in thumbnails that yellow stands out more than anything

else. In fact, there are people that have studied it and said people click on yellow more than anything else

on YouTube.

Think about posters.

You see yellow reds, these things.

Think about what your color is.

And that sounds ridiculous.

What is your color?

Everything has a color.

Think about movies.

Think about The Godfather movies that’s colored. And we talk about this in the video editing the great.

But they’re colored like orange that has like sepia tone.

Think about what the color of your brown.

OK, enough on font has to match your channel.

Now I’m going to I’m going to show you a site I use right here.

OK, so I use this site, which is a font, me, me, dot com.

OK, now this is like a really cool place because obviously you can go on a Photoshop and I have courses coming about Photoshop.

You can subscribe to Matana, subscribe to my site, get in there and I will show you when I, when I edit with Photoshop for for imagery like this or premier pro for videos.

You can, you can be the first to know about those courses.

Go, go and subscribe to that.

But there are other signatures and styles out there that aren’t available on those or you have to download them.

But this is a really easy way if you don’t have any of those high end programs to get really cool font.

Look, if I scroll down, I like to choose, for example.

Oh, this is a good point.

For example, when teaching right here at the top, the words cheat sheet, that’s a font from here.

You can put your text here like your channel.

And then choose something you want, go next door.

That’s quite fun, generate a.

Here it looks like this, and then if I want to, I can right click save it as safe as a PDF to my desktop.

Now, sometimes it’s a really good way to look at these really cool fonts.

Sometimes that’s a really good way, but sometimes it’s a really good way to get a cool font for your

channel and your branding.

Make a note of what it is, because these are almost unique.

It looks like they’ve been made for you, which would have a huge cost to it.

So this brings you a lot of production value.

If I show you quickly my channel, our YouTube channel Lahat, and you can see here, look, this font

has more production value than if I was to just use a standard font everyone has available.

It looks like it’s been designed for me by design.

Go and find your phone.

Make sure your font relates directly to your channel and your brand.

If you’re relaxed, you’re going around.

If you’re young, funky, use one of these your more formal use a standard font, go and have a play of it.

But really be hard here because you want to change this midway through.

Make sure you get the right font.

You might want to fonts, you might want some more standard and a relaxed one that goes along with it depending on what you’re doing.

But you’re going to probably use some of these in videos soon for when you’re talking about titles and things that make sure you get your font down.

OK, logo, maybe on a logo.

You might not want a logo over your might.

You should probably have one on standby just in case I don’t use it like your avatar in YouTube or anything,

but you need it probably for some stuff in the future.

You may not be a designer, but you may have something in mind you want or you want to give it out there

to the world and see what comes back.

This logo right here, I didn’t design this, had a design to do it.

How much?

For about five bucks.

Let me show you.

If you’re going to survive a dotcom.

Look on here, here is one of the best resources in the world.

Now, if you got yourself like 20 bucks or something, you can hit up three or four designers and you

can give them a brief.

You can say, hey, my colors are yellow and black.

Now, you know that I’m going to make a YouTube academy, so I need a logo for that.

You can tell them an idea you want or the first round, I would say come up with whatever, whatever you can think of.

Some of them have more than one revisit included in the price, which is great.

You can say you don’t like it and they can do it again, but see what they come up with.

These guys are professional designers.

I don’t want to hamper their creativity by saying I want to look a certain way, see when they come

back with first and then when you like one row, they’re going to do another.

Edit Navarrette Maybe you want to change the font slightly.

Do this, do that.


Go in the favor and get a logo when you have it.

Get him to give it to you in a bag and stuff.

So you have this if a transparent background and you can change the colors or things like that will go into five.

Or if I was you in case of a logo made, if you can’t do it yourself.

OK, what’s your channel strapline?

I you don’t always have to use this channel strapline.

I once had it on a travel channel where Saddan travel is expensive and then is was crossed out and he said it doesn’t have to be.

That was a great strapline.

It kind of tells you everything about my channel, tell you this was a travel channel where it’s talking about budget doesn’t need to be expensive.

Here’s how you do it.

If you need a strapline for your channel.

So you need a strapline because you need to be able to tell the audience what your channel is about in just a few words.

And you might had you have this on your channel again on the channel to pretty much summarize what it is you’re about.

Really think about this.

I mean, get it into a few words as possible, then.


So when you create a channel on YouTube, which is the banner at the top, really think about this, because now you’ve got your color, your font, your strapline, maybe image imagery based on your competitors, that kind of thing.

Look at their channel and you can start really getting really sound channel piece, which is kind of your branding, your strap for for your whole channel.

Also, just a quick side note.

Have a look at your channel on a phone.

So we all know that that phones are pretty much 80 percent penetration for traffic, especially watching YouTube, if not more.

So you need to look at your channel constantly on your phone as opposed to a desktop.

Don’t look at it on your laptop.

So much less and less people are looking at your channel on this, more on the phone.

So make sure when you have your channel at the top, you’ve looked at it on your phone to make sure

it’s centered and nice and perfect and everything about that.

Not on a desktop.

So great.

And I got a strapline that’s amazing.

Now tell me in a sentence and you’re going to use some of this video description in your channel, which I’ll get to in the set up, but also just for you and me to explain to me what your channel was about.

Example, I quit my job.

I’m traveling across Thailand on a budget making YouTube videos, travel with me, join me on my journey, come and see if I fail.

Whatever it is, whatever your sentence is, try and get it.

One or two sentences, ones idea.

And of course, within that, why should people watch you explaining what it is you’re doing?

But why should they watch, for example, watch me for the best make up tutorials?

Why should they watch you on a budget?

I’m a pro for less than five bucks for ten bucks, all in two minutes.

Whatever it is, make it so that people should watch you for a reason.

Include that in your sentence, in your strap, if possible, and you’ve done OK homework you channel.

Brandon, please fill out this Shiva up here.

Or actually Steph would love to see some of these packs at the end go fill it out.

And then when you know your branding, you’re really, really getting something.

You’ve worked out what your channels are going to be about from the last video.

Chichi, now you know your branding.

Now we’re getting somewhere really, really close to fulfill.

We’re going to talk about video star and we have a cheat sheet for that to be talking about.

Well, the video is actually going to look like, but you can’t do that without your branding and knowing

what your channel is about.

So go back and make sure you do your homework for those ones.


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