what should your YouTube video be about in 2022?

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I’ve been in exactly that same position before I knew I wanted to create I knew I could create a new

had a voice.

I knew I wanted to do something about what exactly did I want to do?

I wasn’t sure.

And I speak to a lot of clients.

A lot of people come to me and ask me what I should make a channel about.

That’s one of the number one questions I could ask.

And if you want to ask me to, you can you can go into my YouTube channel, any of the social media.

You can even book me one on one and we can discuss this.

But what I’ve done here on this course is I’ve made you a cheat sheet.

So if you download the cheat sheet that there’s kind of a run through of questions, you can ask yourself because people think they have to be a pro and an authority I call an authority on a subject to make a YouTube channel And that isn’t always true.

If you are, then of course you can you can make it about your subjects. But if you’re not, there’s still stuff you can see on the show.

what should your YouTube video be about in 2022

I pretty much go through a yes and no scenario and you can work out exactly what your channel should be about or what your strengths are.


And you can come to I know I’ve got people I work with who make YouTube videos and they know nothing about the subject to begin with.

They start from zero.

And that might be your video.

You might be learning something.

Learn with the viewer.

The viewer can learn with you because they’re in the same position and they can learn the subject.

Well, I worked people that have made channel was very successful and not even filmed a single thing.

That sounds weird, right?

But list channels, for example, list channels where top five apps downloaded your phone, top five

games, top five things that show you born in the 90s, these kind of things.

And people got the content offline.

They download it, put it together with a voiceover.

They’re not even on camera and they’re making successful YouTube channels.

There is so much you can make about is unbelievable stuff you haven’t even thought about, plus hybrid channels.

Maybe you’re good at something.

There are examples where maybe you’re good at baking.

Maybe baking is your thing and I’ve seen it, but there’s many, many baking videos.

What makes your baking channel unique makes you have a hybrid.

Maybe you’re baking with your companion, maybe you’re baking animal cakes, maybe you’re baking cartoon cake and you’re baking something in particular.

Maybe you’re baking really realistic stuff and mixing to channel things together to make it a hybrid

channel is a huge, huge one.

OK, let’s go through this.

So my first question on the show, you says, are you an authority on a sub?

Now, if the answer is yes, if you already approach a subject you have a lot of knowledge about, I

think, great, you found it.

That’s what you should do if you want to.

Of course, the choice is completely yours.

But then you think about what makes my channel stand out from my competitors.

Is it a hybrid channel like I just mentioned?

Is it two things mixed together?

Is it your strength mixed with something else that people hadn’t thought about?

Is it make up channel or is it budget makeup of a high end brand Travel Channel budget, travelling

alone, baking something crazy, whatever it is, probably you have to mix two things together, kind

of be a channel about soccer, football.

Maybe it’s going to be soccer, football, pranks, jokes, whatever it is.

Try and think of a high, but something that makes your channel stand out from your competitors.

Maybe it’s collabs, maybe got a huge network around you because you are an authority on you, on your theme, your subject.

Maybe you can do clouds of some people.

Maybe that’s your thing.

You always do a clap of someone else.

Huge in the industry, always a location.

Are you a authority on location and you live in that location?

Is that your thing, that you are the ultimate authority on it or is it style?

Is it quite simply style?

Are your videos more stylish?

Are they cut together better?

Are they made better now?

A lot of people rely on them.

They turned to me and say, darn sure I’m going to make a video about mobile phone reviews and that’s fine.

But the thing is going to look at my channel because the videos are going to be so well made.

They’re going to be so, so well, is going to be untrue.

They’re going to want to see it.

Now, that does go so far.

The comments made well, people do wanna watch it.

But we all know from the Internet because people watch videos on YouTube, they don’t have to be amazingly made to get a lot of views.

We’ve seen those dodgy home videos or embarrassing things happen.

Remember, Fenthion, how good quality is that?

People do watch things that aren’t great quality.

So it might not be enough to just say, I’m going to make it better than everyone we’ve become.

The generation are used to watching content on our phone here, right here in our hands in bed.

It’s not the previous generation.

We are used to low key quality.

So you probably had to think about something else, like a hybrid collabs occasion or something, not

just style, unless the style is really, really something else.

For example, Dan Maes is one of my favorite YouTube is and his style is really good.

He talks about subjects that other people are talking about, but he uses stop motion animation.

And that’s something we talk about in video style that makes this video is really what.

OK, so let’s go back to the issue.

Let’s say the question, the style question is on here is, are you an authority on this subject?

And the answer is no.

That’s OK.

Loads of people.

I was there.

OK, so the next question is, do you want your channel to be about something specific?

And I mean, like one solo specific, one solo subject, for example, do you want your channel to be

about makeup?

Do you any channel to be about travel?

Do you want it to be about travel on one occasion?

Do you want it to be about something specific?

You’ve got something in mind like I want to make it about if the answer’s yes, you want your channel

to be about something specific, but you’ve already said you are not authority on that subject.

There may be learning the subject is your channel.

There are loads like this.

For example, I’d never travelled, I mean, YouTube videos and I’ve never done a lots of people want

to do it.

So I’ve said I’m not a pro in it when I launched my first channel.

So I’m going to go away and I’m going to do this.

I will learn all about travelling and YouTube and how to make it successful.

I’m going to break my.

We’ll bring it back.

That’s what I did, I’m going to test on those test keywords, take it down, break it down, bring

it back.

I’m going to do that whilst I travel.

That was my two things.

YouTube, how to make YouTube and travel on a budget.

I made a budget travel channel.

That’s what I put together me learning and doing it.

And the viewer people watching coming with me was my channel and didn’t need to be an authority on it because the whole premise of my channel was that I was learning.

Maybe that’s what you should do if you want to bake cakes, but you don’t know about baking.

There are loads of people out there that are watching content because they’re asking the hard questions

how to bake, how to do this, how to do that while you are learning with them.

You can say I was a beginner, too.

I didn’t know if this is how I learn.

You are now an authority because you are learning it probably as you make the video or right before

you make the video, you become pro.

So you can do that, too.

That’s really strong.

Your whole channel is almost now hybrid.

It’s baking, whatever it is, whatever subject is, and I’m new at it.

You put that together.

If you don’t want your channel to be about something specific, you want to know that next question,

then maybe you’re thinking more of a channel, like a list channel, or maybe you’re thinking of a news

channel which want to comment on stuff.

Maybe there’s not one thing in particular that’s OK, too.

So it’s not about list channels.

They’re really, really popular.

Top five, top ten.

They get a lot, a lot of clicks.

Some people are made whole careers on just making less videos.

Now, these are really good because they’re actually really easy to make.

You can go on and get a free download on YouTube and you can download clips and footage offline or go to something like video blogs.

I leave the links, you can grab it.

I use video blogs all the time, video blogs and free stock videos where you pay a monthly fee and you get access to all the videos you want.

You can grab the videos offline and you’re talking about it on.

But if you go top five places to visit in the world, you can grab stock footage for your top five places.

Maybe you go top five bodged surgeries and there are good videos on that.

Grab that stuff offline, put it together.

Maybe then you want to do a voiceover to go over those videos, or maybe you can even type in and get a computerized voice online.

You don’t even have to be on camera.

You don’t have to use your voice, you don’t have to film anything.

And you’ve already got a channel that can do really, really well.

The good thing about those is they’re really easy to put together.

Don’t take too much time and you can pump them out a lot.

Lot of videos are once again, maybe you want to go a step further with that.

Maybe it’s also a hybrid.

I thought once by doing a little channel with me and my puppy, my puppy, really cute dog of any free


And I thought if we do a news presenter style like this with her hair and we talk about less channels,

maybe that’s my hybrid.

Maybe people are watching the left channel with me and a puppy talking about it.

Maybe the dog has a voiceover is endless.

It is endless what you can do.

They use this to go have a look at that, answer the questions and really get down to the nitty gritty

about what your channel is going to be about.

You can’t move forward about doing this, and it has to be sound really be harsh about it.

If it doesn’t sound right, if it doesn’t sit just perfect, then it’s not right.

You need to know this.

You need to go.

I am baking.

I am baking animal cake.

I am baking famous people, faces, whatever it is, get it strong.

People need to know what your brand and what your challenge is about so they can stick with get this right, take some time to think about this.

Don’t rush it really.

Do spend some time, sleep on it, wake up, whatever it is, put down ideas.

I’ve got a note section in the corner here.

Start putting down some notes on the back of the sheet, fill it out, go, go and do it.

But take your time with this.

This has to be sound.

OK, that was good.

That’s the planning stage.

That’s really, really important.

Also for plan your T.A. of course, if you know what it is you want to do your thinking.

I don’t know exactly which way to go.

For example, I can make it a travel channel and you have more than one place you want to go.

You can go and look at Google Trends for some inspiration.

And if I going to screen here and I literally go into trends, dot Google dot com, have a look at that.

Now let’s type in.

Maybe I’m going to travel.

And I thought about should I go to Bangkok as a search term.

Now grab that up there and we can talk about this.

So my videos are in English.

They might be for the United States though, maybe for the United Kingdom.

There are more people in the United States.

And I know from channels I made before, the people are going to watch it from the US, probably more than any other English speaking country.

I’m going to keep on the U.S. for now.

Talk about the last year.

No, not doing a Web search.

I’m going to do a YouTube search.

And that’s quite important because you’re making channels for YouTube.

OK, so Bangkok or maybe I was thinking, should I go to Bangkok or should I go to Bucharest, the capital of Romania?

Now, if I look at this, I can see there have a look at this.

There are way more people searching on YouTube in the United States in the last twelve months, the

Bangkok way more than there are in Bucharest.

So I already know I’ve got more of an organic search for that.

Maybe I was thinking something else.

Maybe I was even going to go to Bangkok because I was going to go to London.

Of course, this is London as a search term where more people search in London way more, way more.

We have to take them slightly with a pinch of salt because people might be searching for London something different.

They might be searching for travel videos, for example.

But you can get some ideas here by using Google Trends about what exactly you want to do.

Once you’ve got an idea about the channel that you want, where you want to talk about, you can start narrowing down and really working it out.

But the next video, we going to talk about branding, which is equally as important.

Once you got your theme in branding that sits with it and recognize it, it’s no good having a bacon

channel and all your fun and brand looks like a computer game.

It has to be spot on.


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