YouTube algorithm understanding 2022 || YouTube algorithm works 2022

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Let’s talk about the 2022 algorithm specifically, what is the algorithm?

We’ve talked about this and the rest of the course here. The algorithm is the program essentially behind YouTube that is telling it what to give impressions to and give more impressions of that video if there are millions and millions of videos uploaded to YouTube every single week.

How does YouTube know which videos to put in front of him and the ones they’re going to make the most money from now?

That last point they made the most money for them is the most important thing.

What I’ve realized now in 2022, after launching my channel Dan the man a travel channel, you can go and check it out if you want.

What I realized from watching that and trying different thumbnails, different titles, different video lengths was the main one didn’t video limits.

What I’ve realized is that YouTube is a business. You think YouTube is a channel like Netflix or another entertainment? And you know it’s not.

YouTube is an advertising platform.

They’re interested in showing as many adverts as possible for people and to get clicks for those customers.

They’re placing ads.

They’re an ad display network.

YouTube on an ad.

YouTube algorithm understanding 2022

The speed network you need to really get that in only really went huge and realized that in 2020 to an even quite recently in the last couple of months of 2021, right at the end, I noticed that YouTube is an advert display network. Obviously, if they have a business, if I’m Cannon and I’m trying to advertise this lens and I need to pay YouTube, hey, I’ll give you 20 cents every time you play that advert in front of someone’s video YouTube job to play as many of those videos as possible, but they want to put them on the right videos because they want people to click, and they want canon to see the 70 people clicked on it and went for and bought it.

Hopefully that they’re going to want to come back and advertise again on YouTube. So YouTube job is to play as many of those adverts as possible, as many as they can.

What does that mean for you?

As a creator, you didn’t care about adverts. You don’t care about that kind of stuff.

No, but you need to start caring. You need to start caring in that.

We’ve only spoke about what your topic is going to be, what you’re going to finish off.

Your channel is going to be your niche.

And that’s important because that dictates the kind of adverts that are going to go on.

But you’re not going to start making a make up channel if you’re if you’re never one make up before.

So what your channel is going to be about is what you love first and foremost, then that’s what you

should worry about. But you need to think about adverts being played on your video.

Adverts can get Let me actually let me go on screen.

OK, so I’m going to show you this video.

So it’s actually quite interesting videos for eighteen thousand views, but a lot of these are actually

coming from abroad or something I talk about before and something that I change and did different.

Or if I look at some other videos, got fifty one thousand or something thirty thousand and one channel that’s got less than 20000 subs. As I make this, these are good numbers making good money. OK, but let me let me go into the details of this video here.

Now what I want to show you is that if I go through to monetization down here. Is that you can say I’ve allowed all adverts on here, and I’ve told them, if you ever watch this, watch this manage mid rose.

OK, so this is a 28 minute video.

I know the average on these longer videos as a long video. On average, someone’s going to be watching maybe 40 per cent. Maybe they make it on average up to like 12 minutes. So what have I got here?

I’ve placed an advert on minute to minute, four minute, seven minute eleven.

So if the average person views about 11 to 12 minutes of this length of video and it may be more if

depending what your your videos about and of his info it, it might stay for more than he’s going to

see by potency for that.

And one of the beginning are going to say at least five adverts that no, that means that YouTube knows. VIDEO This video is worth five adverts to them.

If someone’s paying him 20 cents per advert, for example, that’s the CPM.

Maybe I can show you here, actually.

Oh, here.

Wow, huge.

So the CPM here is $19 $19.

Advertisers are paying YouTube for the ads being paid for every 1000 ads, and I get seven 46.

So if it’s basically $20 right, $20 divided by one thousand.

That means, yeah, exactly.

There is 20 cents pretty much given per ad.

So if there are five adverts played on average on that video because people watch 12 minutes and see five that they see five ads, that means one dollar. YouTube knows that every time someone clicks on average on my video, they get a dollar. Shihab knows if if they’re going to give a million impressions of that video and it’s got a 10 percent click through rate, for example, that’s something you think about.

Maybe it’s five per cent that that many people are going to see on an average that many people on average somewhat longer the whole thing.

Some don’t watch very much.

On average, they’re going to make a dollar. You just going to make a dollar, that’s something you really need to think about. For video, I go into more later about the length of video, actually, but the algorithm is favouring the business side of YouTube heavily, heavily.

So when you’re creating this, think about the watch time, how long video is played to these streams

and think about YouTube as a business, as a display network, as an advert display network, as the biggest thing.

Biggest thing that I’ve learnt in 2022.

And I’m going to do actually another course. And you can consider I’m going to do one off this quite soon about speed growth. I can actually step by step how to speed growth.

You’re starting all over again from scratch. All the information’s here, but this is not.

Well, that’s going to be about is going to be a plan and actual plan.

Because when you first launch your town, like we said your own TV Daily Show, you get enough of watch time, which is great shorter videos. People aren’t clicking on a long video of someone they don’t know. Shorter videos, more of them together.

Subs get a watch time in great subtitles.

I took about a minute to help do that.

And then after a while, once you got monetized, which got monetized, YouTube can make money from your video.

Why would it want to give an impression to a short video if you got two types of video?

If two people did a video about this lens and one of them is 30 minutes long and one of them is six

minutes long.

On the longer video, maybe it’s still has a 40 percent watch.

Maybe on this one.

The shorter video has like 60 percent watch of the minutes.

That means more people are watching more minutes on this video.

If he brought in more minutes, it means they’re on YouTube for longer.

They love that and they seem more adverse.

YouTube is physically making more money from this video because it’s longer.

Even the two videos probably identical, even if this was edited better.

Whatever it is, people are watching for longer YouTube are making more money.

So once you monetize and once because YouTube, you then pay ads and you can make money before then just concentrate on getting monetized once, once that’s done when you get to that next phase.

The next part of that is to make people stay on your videos for longer.

The easiest way to do that, obviously inequality content and of attention’s longer.

The easy way to do that is to make longer videos because you will get people that watch the whole thing.

You get quite a lot of people that do that make longer videos start shorter, make them longer.

I talk about that more in a couple of big times, in more space.

So I hope that made sense.

And it’s really about, well, we obviously spoke about the algorithm in the last thing I need is still valid, but for 2022 onwards, there’s so much content, so much content being put onto YouTube now that really they have to prioritize.

YouTube has to prioritize the business side of it playing ads.

Now, when you’re creating everything, think sure, we think about why would someone watch me talk about that titles and thumbnails in a bit?

Now think about YouTube.

Why would YouTube give an impression to your video?

Can that video make them as much money as possible?

That’s the key takeaway here.

Can you video make YouTube as much money as possible?


That was that, let’s think about that everything.

Now I’m going to think about the use of why someone’s cooking and why someone is so boring to watch.

Take that nugget away there.

We’re going to have to use it now.

And that’s what everyone in every YouTube channel concentrates on.

People clicking on watching great think about YouTube for a minute and why they give it impressions.


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